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Awesome Graduation Announcements | DFW Senior Photographer

Really…you don’t want those boring white embossed graduation announcements…when you can get these really cool ones instead! These are only available to Jamie Woodward Photography clients.

senior 411 | dfw senior photographer

some answers to your questions:

When should I take my senior pictures? There isn’t an easy answer to this! You can take them any time between June and April…if you are a super busy student during the school year, then you should try and get them in before school starts. If you don’t have lots of after school activities, you can hold off on taking them until September or October…when it cools down a bit! If you are a football player, I recommend getting them in before school starts! Especially the stadium portion of your session because it’s much harder to work in once you start practicing…and if you wait until after the season, we will all cry! IF you wait until April we will be in a crunch to get your graduation announcements in on time…so don’t wait until the last minute for those!

Can we use your pictures in the yearbook? Yes and no…I don’t take the drape & tux pictures…because they are boring and old fashioned and show no personality at all! BUT if you purchase an ad in the yearbook, then you can use my images and i’ll even design the whole page for you!

What should I wear?

Girls: you need 5-10 outfits…you will get tired of changing clothes somewhere in there! Your outfits should be something you would wear normally, but dressed up just a bit…a dress, outfit with a skirt, jeans & shirt, shorts, letter jacket, uniform if you have one, t-shirt if you know where you are going to college, a jacket, formal dress…there really is no limit to what you can wear! You want to dress from head to toe…accessories! shoes! the right bra for every top you bring! Have some one help you with your outfits. Make sure they are flattering and lay right. If you think your arms look fat in sleeveless shirts, don’t wear one! You will be happiest if you are comfortable in the outfits you have chosen.

Guys: you HAVE to bring at least 3 outfits…i prefer 5! You want to have options for your graduation announcements! You do not want the same shirt in every picture…it kind of defeats the purpose! I would plan on jeans and shorts, a couple t-shirts, maybe a polo, a button up if it’s not too much for you! Your letter jacket, jersey if you have one, t-shirt for your college. You can bring hats, but DO NOT wear them to your session…you will have hat hair and red lines on your forehead and your mom and I will both be upset!

Do you offer graduation announcements? Definitely! I am not a fan of generic and boring, so I highly recommend custom graduation announcements! You can include multiple pictures on them so your friends and family get a true glimpse of who you are!

What about cap & gown pictures? We have 2 options…you can borrow a cap & gown from a previous graduate and bring it to your session or wait until yours comes in in the spring and come to my mini session day. It will be in a fun urban location and of course be non traditional!

How long will my session last? About an hour…Guys can be finished in 30 minutes…because they change faster, they usually aren’t real into it (but I will be super happy if you are!) and we generally don’t have to mess with their hair…even if it’s windy! Girls take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours…depending on the number of outfit changes, how far we walk from location to location, how long it takes you to change clothes, how much we talk…and any other incidentals that might occur.

When can I see my pictures? About 2 weeks after your session I will come to your house with a proofbook. At that time your will place your order so anyone who is making decisions need to be there! The ordering session takes about an hour…unless you are a terrible decision maker or we just talk too much! Orders are generally in 2 weeks after your order is placed.

Can you come to my house to take prom pictures? No:)Prom pictures are set up as a mini session…in a fun urban location somewhere in the area. The sessions last anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on the number of people in your group. There will be a minimum package that must be purchased prior to the session, which means you must have an appointment! Why should you come to me for prom pics? you have been planning and dreaming about this night all year! you have spent a ton of money on your dress or tux, shoes, make up, hair, nails…do not stop at photographer!!! I love you moms, but if you are anything like my mom (and a bunch of you are) your pictures aren’t quite in focus, people are missing feet (missing heads are fine, missing feet not fine!) and for the group shot NO ONE is looking at the same camera!!! So come see me…you will be so glad you did!

How much is this going to cost? Again, there isn’t a set answer! It really depends on what you need. Most everyone who comes to me orders graduation announcements, if you accidentally ordered the ones through the school you can order the senior cards (post card that fits in your graduation announcements with one image on the front and 3 on the back…way better than a wallet size picture!). About half order an album of some sort, albums start at $200. Then you need to figure out what family members you are going to give gift prints to and what you are going to display in your own home. The digital collections are a good option for this (digital collections start at $100). The good news is that I will work with you to figure out what best fits your needs!

please post additional questions below and I will update as needed.

a little bit country…a little bit rock ‘n roll | dfw family photographer

When was the last time you had your family pictures taken? If 2010 is not in the answer, the time is now! This is the perfect session for you! It’s quick and easy and you will have an image for your holiday card and even some for holiday gifts! I am offering 2 awesome locations. The Stockyards on October 17th and Deep Ellum on October 24th. You know what that means? Your holiday cards will be in by Thanksgiving and you won’t have to worry about them!

How it works…you pick your location, call to schedule an appointment and send in your deposit to hold your spot. There is a $250 minimum purchase due at the time you book your session. This can be applied towards the mini session special or towards your purchase. These mini sessions last 15-20 minutes…we will get a group shot, kids shot, parents shot and then individuals of the kids. A few days later your images will be available to view online. You must place your order within one week in order to guarantee delivery by Thanksgiving.

Mini Session Special: $450
50 flat holiday cards (5×7 or 5×5)
5 images on disc

this special is only valid for the little bit country & little bit rock ‘n roll mini sessions

call 214.535.3996 or email jamie@jamiewoodwardphotography.com to schedule your appointment

Holiday Cards

My favorite time of year is from Thanksgiving through New Years. I LOVE going to mailbox and seeing a stack of holiday cards from all of my friends! I am appreciative of all of them, but I especially enjoy the cards with pictures in them. I love seeing how big the kids have gotten, the location & outfits people chose for their pictures…and of course, who took them. I squeal with joy when I receive a card from one of my clients:)I hang them up all over my dining room and at the end of the season I put them all in an album. My goal every year is to out do all of my friends when it comes to holiday cards. Do you do this too? I know most of my clients feel this way…and I love them for it!

Now is the time to plan your family session. If you don’t want a full family session, but just enough for a holiday card and few gifts be on the look out for my mini sessions…they’re “a little bit country” and “a little bit rock ‘n roll”

this is a sample of some of holiday cards from last year: